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I was born in Philadelphia and graduated from Central High School with Barnwell Honor. I then graduated from Temple University with a bachelor's degree in liberal arts with concentration in German, French, chemistry, history and mathematics. I subsequently began my studies at the University of Heidelberg in Germany where I concluded them in 1968 and received the Zertifikat for a two year program that I completed in six months. I then transferred to the University of Pennsylvania where I received the master's of arts degree in German literature. I was accepted to the Calhoon M.E.B.A. Engineering School in Baltimore, Maryland where I studied marine engineering and received top academic honors and earned a United States Coast Guard Third Assistant Engineer's Officer's License which I have maintained to this day. I then entered medical school in Des Moines, Iowa where I graduated in 1984 with a Doctor of Osteopathy degree. I subsequently was accepted to the MPH Program (Master's of Public Health degree) in occupational medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin where I successfully graduated in 2000.




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